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Decorating Services in Ashford

Providing High Quality Painting and Decorating to Kent, East Sussex and London


Thanks to over 25 years of experience in the industry, we’ve been able to provide the highest quality decorating services in Ashford for a very long time. 

We know how to get the best possible finishes and never call a project “done” until it’s perfect. Before each job, we take great care and pay great attention to ensure that the preparation is done right, protecting your property from any unwanted damage. All painting and decorating, in Ashford or across the South East, is fully insured and, after the job is complete, everything is fully guaranteed (with the exception of naturally occurring shrinkage) so, if there are any other issues, just give us a call and we’ll rectify things, free of charge.

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The Most Careful Preparation, The Finest Finishes

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Our Services

Painting and Decorating

Our speciality! Be it internal or external, we offer all kinds of painting and decorating services in Ashford, around Kent and across the South East. Be it wallpapering, plastering or varnishing, we’ll have it done to the very highest standards, with no corners cut on quality.


Wallpapering/Wall Coverings

We apply and install wallpaper and paneling to rooms large and small, with great precision and attention to detail paid at all times. That way, we ensure that there are no frayed edges, no loose panels and that everything is finished smoothly.



Lime Washing

To give your home that classic feel, we can apply lime wash paint to interior and exterior walls. It’s been used as far back as the time of the Roman Empire and is well known to stand the test of time. Clean and white, it makes a fine addition to refresh any home.



Tape and Jointing

Rather than saddling you with the cost of replastering an entire wall, we can tape and install a recessed joint. The finish is seamless and saves you money – a win-win!





Silicone Jointing/Sealing

We’ll seal unwanted cracks and smoothly bring joints together in a way that looks seamless and beautiful, with our decorating services in Ashford.




Plasterboard Repairs

Plasterboard walls and ceilings can become damaged over time. It can crumble and, in the worst-case scenarios, collapse altogether if left untreated. We can fix damaged elements without having to repair the entire board, again, leaving you with a completely seamless finish that you won’t even notice.



No room looks complete without the trimmings. This includes coving. Round off those ceilings and make the room more pleasant to spend time in with our decorating services in Ashford. We’ll take care of it.




Water Damage Works

When someone leaves the bath running, it can spell disaster for walls and ceilings made of plaster. We can fix things for you, scraping and skimming damaged paint and plaster, before replacing it, with a clean finish that won’t be noticeable.




Fire Damage Works

Nobody wants smoke stains anywhere in their home. We’ll scrub and wash as much of the damage from the walls and ceilings as we can, before redecorating. You’ll forget that there was ever a problem!


Insurance Works

For any and all work covered by insurance, we’re happy to assist. Once the paperwork’s in order, our decorating services in Ashford are at your beck and call.



Kitchen Cupboard Painting

If your cooking could use a refresh or needs a new lease on life but you don’t want to splash out on an entire new kitchen, let us paint the cupboards for you! We’ll leave the whole place feeling fresh and looking brand new.







High End Decorating Services in Ashford

From preparation to completion, we pay the same minute attention to detail throughout the entire project. Just call us on   07828 694 187    01797 344 347

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